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Online Marketing Plan! What does your offence play PI?
December 23, 2015
in Integrated Digital Marketing

As there is no short cut to success, the similar applies for your Online Marketing Plan, there is nothing cookie cutter about your Marketing Plan as no one knows better about your Organization and portal like you do; Guess who is in charge for fine tuning? It has always been YOU!

Now, when the competition among various brands has increased, companies and organizations look for various modes of advertisements and communication to reach their targeted clients and customers. Each and every start up and SMB has specific needs, advantages, challenges, and requirements. The major term for you is to identify which category of plan is suitable for you and how to customize your SEO/Digital marketing efforts.

B2B (Business to Business) portals

Here are some of the Challenges & Advantages of SEO in the B2B Segments

B2B (Business to Business) portals

B2B portals/sites offer wide range of products or services from small startup selling slicers to multi corporations selling enterprise level services. Majority of the B2B’s should be serious about their Online Marketing Plan, as they would still use Search Engine to get there.

Advantages – Niche Audiences: Your Business depends on niche audiences and you are well aware of the category of customers who fit into a particular niche. Although your customers don’t hangout at the same locale after a while, it’s a good method to increase the frequency of visits to the same website or talking about similar topics on social network.

If you don’t know where to find yourself in the hangouts, hang on; it takes a bit of creative thought and time sense to get your customers attracted towards you.

After being in this Digital Marketing Industry for nearly a decade, I have tried to analyze the vastness of what the web offers as you may not know where the usefulness of your site lies. Your portal may generally come under two simple categories, either B2B or B2C which have their own pros and cons.

TIP: Well, you may be on the path of finding comparable sites on the web that speak to the same audience as yours; but remember to focus on what your customers love to get obsessed with by finding them on social media.

Challenge – The more you interact the more you find yourself challenging to your website links because it is important to improve your rankings, traffic and branding of your website. This is going to be a bigger challenge unless you’re a giant in your industry.

Building a self-sustaining buzz in the B2B Website is not the kind of thing, although you may have concern towards your customers; as your site isn’t build for that kind of buzz. You can have an option to improve your site liability by offering useful non-commercial content or a blog

Advantage – High Value Conversions – SEO/Online Marketing, Digital Marketing would be the best appealing for the B2B’s are for good reason, because each new customer is more valuable for your business. You want your Marketing Plan to get the credit for the high value conversions

Challenge – The simplest joy of online marketing is to measure what your ROI is. Unfortunately ROI (Return on Investment) can be difficult for B2B to closure.

TIP: For best marketing results you’ll need to scratch your head and try to get your estimate of the value for every conversion, which you are going to generate.


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