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Online Marketing Plan! What does your offence play PII?
December 27, 2015
in Integrated Digital Marketing

In  my Previous post i have mentioned about the B2B (Business to Business) Online Marketing Plan now lets ahead with the B2C (Business to Consumer). Let’s proceed towards the Business to Consumer Challenges, Advantages and more.

B2C Business to Consumer

While comparing B2B & B2C, Business to Consumer is a vast category that pulls all other B2C sites together. B2C can range from selling flowers online to single person operations selling homemade products.

In B2C your website may have local, national and even international customer base and you may have anything from contact details from Google Local to a complex e-commerce experience. However there are few key elements that major B2C’s have in common while chalking out the digital/online marketing plan.

B2C Business to Consumer

Challenge – Changing Audiences – As a matter of simple fact, people searching for your kind of products or services may probably be more interested in trouble free shopping rather than buying the same product/service specifically from you.

If customers land on your website from a search listing, the page to which they are directed to should contain keywords that match the keywords that the customers are looking for else they might try to find the solution elsewhere by navigating out of your site.

Your audience may be unaware of your products or services. Hence be careful while playing with the keyword with the knowledge of market research and brand differentiation as it can help you in reaching out to your customers tremendously.

Advantage – UGC (User Generated Content) – We love them but at the same time I hate them when they are spammy.

User Generated Content like product reviews, forum updates, news, and comments by your visitors is an advantage. On the other side it also helps your website by providing lots of information to the search engines to keep the visitors engaged along with providing freshness to your site and often influencing your customer’s decision to make the best choice.

However, you have to be careful and monitor every part of the content that goes into your site; you can be in deep trouble if the embarrassing content gets updated in search engine listings. Hey! you are not alone it happens even to the bigger toads in the well.

Challenge – Competition – There will be huge competitions from competitors whom you might have never heard of or even individuals who speak how much they hate your products/services or let us say who may not even be related to your industry.

Advantage – Online Value – The primary goal of your marketing plan is to determine the worthiness of your website in terms of monetary value. With the help of your technical support you can track every $ value of your traffic data.

While there are other benefits, another aspect to consider whether the paid marketing is worth the money that you are going to spend on it.

Conversions – The other major concern is the measurement of your conversions, if your goal is brand awareness ready for amazing ride. Just by counting on numbers you can cry out to your competitors/clients that you are on top but one day you may also weep as you might not get what you expected after being on top. Always accept the change and look what customers like about you. Whenever there is an algorithm change in search engines it might sink your traffic

TIP: Before you can implement your digital marketing plan, you need to develop a workable strategy.

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