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Earlier, I have shared the inputs required to make a professional video. This piece is designed to give you the in-depth know-how of spotting professional video, ready to be used for YouTube Marketing.

Even with an untrained eye you can spot the difference between a well-done video and a professionally produced video. This difference is mainly due to the use of better equipment in a professionally produced video than any fault of technique.

So, what is a Professional Video?

Before answering this question let us discuss who is a professional video maker.
A professional video maker is someone who makes videos according to your needs for money!

Thus, a professional videographer makes a profit from the video he creates for clients. And, if you want to spot a “pro” then, look for the client recommendations.

Why Create Professional Videos

Now to answer the first question of what makes a video professional?

It’s quite simple, a professionally made video is a high-end product!

Since these videos are paid for, you can expect the finished product to carry a classy look. The professional equipment used ensures better picture and sound quality. Also, you can expect a reasonably seamless video in terms of editing. In all, a professionally done video oozes out quality.

However, the location where the video is shot takes an immense importance in the making of professional videos. A production studio is guaranteed to serve you with props, lights, and cameras as and when needed. Although a tad bit expensive, it lends an aura of quality to the video.

On the other hand, the Location shoots are characterized by lower costs, and cranky crew members trying to get the best out of things.

Nevertheless, both forms of shooting have their own merits, as each videographer has his/her own style whether professional or amateur. As an audience, what matters to you is how much entertainment you derive from each.

Now, as far as video promotions on YouTube are concerned, these have the following features:

Videos are always created for a certain Target Group
As these are marketing videos designed to sell a brand, the YouTube Marketing videos are created with certain specific audiences in mind. As a professional videographer, you need to remember the “given” brief before you embark on your journey of creativity.

The uploaded videos are many
When a company aims at YouTube Marketing, it ensures to flood the portal with its videos. They also establish a release routine, so as not to keep Target Audiences waiting for long. Following a schedule of release keeps the audience pouring in. This also serves as an anticipation builder for the next-in- line video.

In the end, the most important factor for a successful video campaign on YouTube rests with the videos ability to go viral! The more people hit your video, the better it is.

For more information on amateur videography, YouTube videos& video marketing stay tuned on this page for the next installment on videography locations.


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