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Using Advanced Techniques for Search

The simple basic tool of the trade for Digital Marketer is the Search Engine. Which provide an array of commands that can be used to perform the Advanced Research, Analysis, Diagnosis, & Competitive Analysis and much more.

Today, I will show some of the Basic Operators in Search Engines (Which most of the so called experts don’t understand)

Advanced Techniques for Search

– Keyword

This metric excludes the keyword from the search results. I.e. books –children show results for types of books expect children books.


This metric force the inclusion of a keyword this useful in including the STOPWORDS (keywords that are stripped from search query) in the query, if your search term is converted into multiple keywords via automatic stemming. I.e. if you are searching for Austin Powers who was from Nevada, you should search for austin powers + Nevada to avoid unnecessary results

“Key Phrase”

This metric shows the results for the exact phrase. I.e. “Healthcare Bangalore”. These are just a basics of Search but there is much more information for those who want more, there are more advanced search operators (techniques) available from search engines which would benefit a lot if followed properly.

These are the basics, but for those who want more information, what follows is an outline of the more advanced search operators available from the search engines.

Advanced Google Search Options

Google supports many search options, which I will give a brief overview of the queries that you can use them for Digital Marketing purposes.
This metric shows number of URL indexed by Google

Index path of a Directory

This metric helps to find web pages having the keyword file path.

This metric helps to find web pages having the keyword in the page title.


This metric helps to find the pages having the backlinks with “keyword” in the Anchor Text.

Like these there are more methods to find many extensions like filetype: PDF  or JPG, png and for ext: pdf can also be used. Being a Digital Marketer comparison and related portals always make good scope in research. is the other metric where the well known Digital Marketers use in their research.

Tip: While using the site:operator, few-indexed URL will not show “even you repeat the search with the omitted results”

Let’s dig into deeper by using the following search patters:

  • – The deeper you dig the most accurate results you get
  • inurl:digital marketing – You can use this metric for subdirectory & specific keywords
  • intitle:digital marketing – You can use this metric for pages/posts using the keywords in the page title


Like Google Bing also offers Unique Search Metrics that we can look into:

  • seo
  • contains: video marketing

As in the above metrics you can use more advanced techniques to extract more information from the search engines.

Many of my clients always ask about their CMS search queries in Search engines which I am highlighting the answers below :-

  • – check for blog indexation
  • – check for category indexation (unless you’ve stripped from folder structure)
  • – check to see what tags are indexed
  • – check to see if author archives are indexed
  • – check to see what dated archives from 2012
  • inurl: page – check for subpages being indexed

Tip: Understand how Search Engines operate in the main factor in Digital Marketing as search engines update their algorithms it is must for a Professional to keep monitoring the behaviour of Search Engines.

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