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Digital Marketing for eCommerce Sales

In the recent technology with the WEB 3.0 sticking only to a singular method will not yield any results that’s why Digital Marketing is required even for eCommerce portals where the main goal is monetization.

Digital marketing for eCommerce

Desktop-based e-commerce sales were up 13 percent year-over-year in the first quarter of 2013, according to a recent report by ComScore.

Marketing the portals involves more efforts for creating the content and publishes them while reviewing it can be newsletters, videos, blogs, Whitepapers which makes your audience to read watch and share. Having only content doesn’t make your portal to gain the ability to increase the sales. But developing the strategies in your digital marketing helps to convert the occasional shoppers into dedicated supporters for your brand.

The most direct monetization for Digital Marketing is driving the quality traffic for an eCommerce portal to boost the sales, Search Traffic would be the best quality available among the web when compared to Paid, Social & other marketing sources.

As the Search User will express the specific goal through the Query (mostly happens in the Search Bar), which matches the product/brand of the store & the conversation rates are often high in these cases.

Focus on the main points which is mentioned below

  • Boost traffic to your eCommerce site
  • Grow brand awareness
  • Optimize your buying process
  • Know why customers are moving away from your cart
  • Make yourself a voice of authority
  • Keep an eye on analytics
  • Develop a strong content strategy


Tip: To reach this new generation of customers, retailers must create personal, interactive, and social experiences that engage and excite shoppers must do so with consistency across all digital marketing channels.

Let’s look into the factors while considering the Digital Marketing for eCommerce Portals.

When should I get the SEO/Digital Marketer for the eCommerce sales?
It’s always best to use them while building the portal and they are for sale on your website.

How should I target the Keywords for the portal?
The immediate way to increase the ROI is through Paid Advertising for the keywords you target, find the quality traffic and convert them. Try to include the brand terms, Product terms, which makes the visitors to purchase.

You should always know that it’s really difficult to rank for the Brand Terms, so use the generic terms that fit your needs, decide the strategies which are gaining more effort for longer terms.

Steps for Page & Content Optimization
You need to work on getting the Quality links along with the Internal Optimization, which helps you to achieve Rankings for High Value Keywords that generates as conversation based traffic. Develop strategies that scale a community/customers, which is equal and more valuable.

Tip: Try to focus on the Mobile Market also based on your location that yields more value, Develop an app that helps the customer to gain more value

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Great points and I agree with all, but would certainly add customer support, better always online (people hate waiting) and shipping – good, easy to understand shipping descriptions and options. If you can make it free – it will attract even more buyer. Plus, shipping & returns policy clearly seen also makes peole more confidence and ensures they trust you more

Victoria Mudaraya
July 8, 2013

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