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How to Plan YouTube Marketing Strategy
November 27, 2013
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How to Plan YouTube Marketing Strategy

What are you your YouTube Marketing Strategies and how do you plan to achieve those goals through your videos?

YouTube Marketing Strategy

YouTube marketing strategy is similar to any business marketing strategy that needs to be focused on the customers or the audience, which you target via your services, brand or products. Focusing only on videos doesn’t make sense, for you need to add other elements to your marketing activities to achieve the necessary results.

Before jumping to the production bit, always be sure to decide on your customer and the generation of your service type. Only then should you move towards the desired results that you would like to achieve.

TIP: Don’t just shoot a video and push for the Video Networking Platform. Always develop a plan for the short as well as long-term goals. Always keep in mind WHY and HOW would you like to market via YouTube.

What is the main purpose behind your YouTube Videos?

While speaking to many people (businesses and individuals) and on asking them about the main goal behind their YouTube videos, I always got a negative feedback like, “My competitor is doing it…”, “It’s a new trend…”, etc.

When you are a digital marketing enthusiast, you should know and can state your marketing strategies based on the marketing trends and technologies that ultimately go on to have an impact. You need to choose the media platform too based on the brand value and importance of the company concerned.

Get down to some effective planning in order to gain the series of YouTube videos. If you are not willing to attain the future customers, may be you can handle the existing ones by incorporating them in your series of media mix. You can use the YouTube for Testimonials from your customers who have been pleased. These can be used for the after sales purpose, or for customer support and so much more.

Know your customer

The major factor remains figuring out how YouTube fits into your plan and satisfies customer needs. Just telling them why and to whom you sell isn’t always sufficient.

TIP:  Many marketers who work on digital marketing and other related fields don’t know the basics or they might have forgotten the same with time in the rat race to achieve success. The most important thing you can do is learn what you had unlearnt.

All marketing strategies have to move around the focal point of knowing your customer and what he wants. Do go through the checklist to know what you should actually be focusing on.

  • How do you target your customers?
  • How good is your audience?
  • What are the demographics of your customers?
  • How do your customers spend time on videos?
  • How do you contact your customers – via Internet, newspaper, radio, or TV?
  • How frequent are your customers?
  • How accessible are your customers via PC, Smartphone, and Tablet?

These are the few things you need to know about targeted customers. Know more about your customer requirements and make things easier for yourself. The more you know the more effectively would you be able to create a marketing plan.

If your customers are good on YouTube, then it helps open channels for commercial interaction along with the additional entertainment mode. YouTube does provide good marketing scope for your company.

In our next update we will move forward to the next level Your Customers’ Needs in YouTube Marketing. In other words, what actually works for your clients or your business?

Find the answers with your queries. Do mention in below comments.

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