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Digital Marketing Stages for Obtaining Results PI

Digital Marketing Stages for Obtaining Results PI

Obtaining results is the entire idea behind digital marketing. A digital marketing or search engine optimization (SEO) project requires more foresight and planning to obtain the results based on your customer needs. Any and every company or brand needs to consider digital marketing.

When incorporated into the stages of development of Portal, strategies or even redevelopment of the project, it can yield fruitful results. Thus, it can be said that website architecture inclusive of CMS selection and its marketing plan which again includes branding concepts along with various platforms all stand to be impacted.

Digital Marketing Stages for Obtaining Results

Let us now discuss the various stages through which a proper digital marketing project can be implemented. These stages are namely –

  • Outlining a digital marketing plan
  • Setting up a technical audit for the brand
  • Setting a deadline for results and progress
  • Chalking out milestones and roadmaps


As an experienced digital marketing person, I will inform you that your brand needs to incorporate a proper digital marketing strategy. This goes into your website planning process in turn and this should be done before your brand goes live.

The brand strategy should be outlined before making technological choices such as Hosting, CMS. However, this is not always possible for redeveloping portals. In fact, more often than not a digital marketer or SEO expert will be getting into a portal site that already exists.

[blockquote] TIP: Whenever or however you start, before that ensure that the major components of any SEO or digital marketing plan are properly addressed. This should be undertaken before researching on the titles.[/blockquote]


Segmentation of market for digital marketing is the nature of the market that you are competing for. This informs you how competitive the environment is and how you can get a winning edge with your research information. In some markets, natural searches or strategies for social networks is intensively competitive.

When in an SERP result for “travel”, major brands like Expedia, Discovery, and many others fail to make the #1 Position. This indicates the market is highly competitive.

This means that you should not give up on the market if it is already your business; you need to focus on your SEO on less competitive terms that will get you more qualified leads and results.


Finding Information related to your industry is one side, making it different from your competitors’ which is the other side. This is why getting links from 3rd Parties to your portal is a critical part of digital marketing.

As a part of the brainstorming process, identifying the sources to get the quality links, and the type of content you need to work on should be included. Understanding the content marketing plan will help you to get more information to your portal which encourages people to get linking from quality based portals.

Digital Marketing Stages


Most of the companies and individuals have brand concerns. However, there may be strategies that you can’t pursue due to the nature of the brand.

Some brands put up on their pages about other brands, products. This is a part of competitive comparison to rank other company brand names in the search results.

[blockquote] TIP: The list of situations where brand can limit the strategy is long whereas the opposite can also happen, where the brand makes a particular digital marketing strategy pretty compelling. [/blockquote]


Your digital marketing strategy can be influenced by your competitors’ strategy. The idea is to understand what your competitors are doing. This is a major part of the process for digital marketing.

  • Discover the uniqueness of your competitor, highly converting set of terms.
  • Discover the target audience as well as the source from where the high-value links are being gained.
  • Saturate the competitor market segment. Focus on other competitors also.
  • Find the weakness in your competitor strategy which provides a certain opportunity for you.

[blockquote] TIP: Understand the weakness as well as the strength of your competitors from a digital marketing point of view. That plays a major part in drafting your own marketing strategy. [/blockquote]

There is much more while laying out the Stages for Digital Marketing to get the acquired results which I will let you know in the next part

In the next post I will include the Identification of Site Players & Process, Informational Architecture, Structural Decisions and Auditing the present site problems for Digital Marketing.

Don’t forget to add your valuable suggestions in the comments section below. Thank you!

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