Your Customers’ Needs in YouTube Marketing

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Your Customers’ Needs in YouTube Marketing

Your Customers’ Needs in YouTube Marketing

In our last session I spoke about the YouTube Marketing Strategy and how to go about it. Today I shall take you to the next level of YouTube marketing based on your customer needs.

Recently Google announced that YouTube Video site receives 40% of its website revenue from mobile. This has increased compared to last year when it was 25%.

Always try to know your customer and their needs as part of your video process, which is why customer should be the main target for a product or service in your targeted industry.

Needs in YouTube Marketing

What’s key is to identify with your customer so that you share his wants and needs. Only then can you determine how to best meet those requirements and communicate that fact in the right manner.

Are you promoting the customer requirements?

What do you want to promote in YouTube? Is it a brand or product, service by a company or individual? Identify the methods to promote your business via different aspects.

If you are not promoting any product or service you might be using YouTube for Customer Support or Tech Support. This is different when compared to using YouTube for internal usage for employee support or training. Again I would mention how to determine the types of Videos you create.

What message do you want to give to your consumers/clients?

Let’s assume that you are promoting your brand, service, or a company by using YouTube. In that case, what important message (point) is to be delivered?

[blockquote]TIP: Marketing is more than offering a product or service by a company or an individual; it’s about creating a brand and image value that provides a valuable marketing message[/blockquote]

Beyond an image of your YouTube Video there must be a similar message or a statement that you should use in other Advertising Media. The message is to do everything in your marketing efforts; like grabbing your consumers’ attention about the value, problem solving or meeting their needs that should convince them that you provide the most valuable solutions for their needs.

You should not only inform your potential customers what you are offering, but you should mention about your brand, service and product that makes a difference in this competitive market.

WHY US? Once you answer this it will make you a better-defined competitor. What makes you different and better while selling yourself to your valued customers?

Don’t forget that the message or statement you give in your Videos is about customers, not you. I have seen many companies that make mistakes while communicating to customers through YouTube videos like “what we do”. Customers are always interested in what there is for them, not for you. Phrase your message such that it portrays what you’re doing for the customers.

Measuring the results of videos in YouTube?

Creating and uploading the videos in YouTube is just the beginning of the process, but how will you measure the success of the videos posted by you?

The 1st way to measure the results is by gauging what kind of response you wanted. Is it sales, or website visits, or call to the number which is provided by you?

KEY METRICS – Measure the success of YouTube Videos through some easy steps. First you have to know what you want to achieve, then only will you be able to measure the results and take your YouTube Marketing level strategy to the next level.

Let’s look at few samples below on certain sectors for measuring your YouTube Video Results:

  • Generating and measuring sales – Add the website landing page link and contact number in the video, you can add promo code or other tracks which makes your customers clickable to the page you provide.
  • Traffic for Web Portal – Measure the traffic by (Page Views, Unique Visitors) by advertising your YouTube Videos in True View Formats. Make use of Analytics to check the origin of the traffic that comes from YouTube Site.
  • Brand Image – Getting brand value on YouTube is good, but measuring it is more difficult. You need to do more research after you start your YouTube campaigns. Ask your customers what do they want from you, how did they hear about you, what effect has your brand on them, what they think of it, etc.
  • Support cost reduction – Try to measure the quantity of request of support before and after uploading the videos, the more effective videos lesser calls for support.
  • Training Purpose – Try to make a survey online & offline after the customers watching the YouTube Videos. It can directly tell you the impact of your videos on your customers, staff and others by the way you measure.

There are many other ways to measure the YouTube success rates like Number of Views; frankly speaking numbers on YouTube can be purchased from 3rd Party or by using the Bots, while speaking to many people, viewing the videos doesn’t mean accomplishing the goals that you need to achieve.

If a Video has more than a million views is good but it doesn’t mean it could increased your sales, reduce your support costs, informative etc.

TIP: Entertaining YouTube Videos is one thing while generating the success rate for a brand image, service, product sales, and others is different.

We will try to speak about the types of videos for your goals in YouTube. Want to know more about the Video Optimization or about the courses? Then please do drop us a message at the box below.

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