Why Create Professional Videos?

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Why Create Professional Videos?

Why Create Professional Videos?

Most of the Videos, which are produced for business, always come from standard consumer grade equipment at the comfort of a person’s Office, Conference Rooms or other’s living room. This started to change especially with bigger brands with larger brands to promote.

Currently,Video is becoming a big business and making an investment to produce a professionalistic image sometimes pays off. It’s been always a different model than what we are used on YouTube.

A video which is produced by professionals can cost more than x amount or even more, which depends on the length, complexity of the shoot, and amount of time taken for editing to create the final cut. If the video presents the image that you want to portray on the channels, it is the only way to go ahead with success.

Why Create Professional Videos

Need for professional videos

Majority of videos on the best platform like YouTube, Vimeo, Daily Motion etc. come from the consumer camcorders or Webcams. But the question is why you should go for creating expensive professionally produced videos?

There are always few good reasons to do so which are highlighted below.

Advantages of Professional Videos

The main reason to make /produce professional videos is that it looks professional. It’s true let’s face the fact.

The average videos on the channels look amateurish, that’s fine. If you are in charge for brand marketing for a product, or a company you might not want your channels presence to look as if the street side person did the filming. That is why when you see companies like Dodge, BMW, Audi, Nike, Etihad and many others spend big bucks to create videos for their channels. Their videos might lag the webcam produced video blogs, but they are packed with more powerful force that the brand demands.

In fact many of the branded videos resemble good commercials, or an extended version of commercials.

TIP: In video channels like YouTube, Vimeo you’re not limited to 30 Seconds of time frame as you are with traditional broadcast commercials, you can take the advantage of the length for detailed message.

When you adopt the Professional video creation route, you’re sure to get high quality videos. In most cases or in a simpler manner, a better video is produced, when you hire pro video production agencies or a company that provide the expertise to help & develop your concept, draft the scripts, create greater looking sets, and do everything to create a professional video, from start to finish.

Get the complete package if you want to make it more professionalized, if you’re designating a brand or a big company with a sentence and bigger budget approaching professionals makes a lot of sense.

TIP: This is what your customers expect; provide a brand message with a pro video not a layman that gets your brand message criticized.

Advantages of professional videos

Disadvantages of Professional Videos

The disadvantage of taking the professional route is many users might neglect or reject as being commercial, it’s like a sword. On one side you might have a commercial message & on other the community or the customers. Your target might be anti-commercial.

Unless your video is made of entertaining/informative content you could end up in receiving more negative reviews rather than positive ones.

Professional video costs more money than you create yourself. Always ask yourself whether you are capable of achieving the results with that expense; whether the community or the target audience that you are targeting responds to the type of video you create.

TIP: Many Video productions always smell the money by Producing Videos, aggressively going after business, beware of the firms, which promises who claim them that they can create viral videos, or guarantee views, or tries to sell a bill of goods. The only thing that a video production firms can do is produce a video, to better quality or another, no firm would guarantee results from their work.

In my next session I would be covering “What Makes a Video Professional

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The disadvantage points are correct. Without the real goal one should not use professional videos.

December 7, 2015

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