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November 23, 2016
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Mobile Marketing: The Rising Potential

The potential for growth of Mobile Marketing has always been huge. With technological advancement, cell phones have become an extension of the human body. The Marketing Industry has put this good use with key demographics. Traditional marketing efforts have received tremendous support with the unique hyper-targeting capacity of mobile marketing

Mobile Marketing has found a direct way for marketers to reach potential customers. According to a Nielsen Survey, 51% mobile phone users who see a mobile ad respond to it through a text message, dialing a number or clicking on the URL.

Research also proves, on an average an SMS is read within 15 minutes of receiving and responded to within an hour.

Mobile Marketing: The Rising Potential

Mobile marketing is budding and includes a wide range of activities like:

  • SMS & MMS
  • Mobile Advertising – Visual Ads where brands pay for display embedded within content of another website
  • Location-based Marketing
  • App Marketing (Mobile Applications)
  • Mobile Search
  • Offline in TV, Radio & Print
  • Online such as Website, in searches, & email

Where one can survive with watching TV, listening to the radio or reading a newspaper, modern life remains incomplete without the mobile phone. Modern life has, thus, delivered the best weapon in the hands of marketers to hyper-target the potential customers. Mobile marketing has become the key to success for more brands than you can imagine, as it provides a personal gateway to the consumers.

Today, mobile marketing promises the most personal, targeted & actionable marketing feat of our time.

Is Mobile Marketing a Personal and Immediate form of Digital Marketing? YES!

Unlike traditional phones, desktop computers and other family-owned gadgets, mobile phones are not shared. Mobile phones are a personal piece of technology that is private to most consumers. They provide a unique opportunity to advertisers to reach distinct people at one go.

By tracking the mobile phones of individual consumers, marketers may know what matters to them. After all, nothing stays individual mobile phone users 24×7 apart from their mobile phones.

Smartphones have access to our address book & calendar, they can see what websites we are looking at & the applications which we are using, downloading,

Our mobile devices know the kind of entertainment we like, see, we use them to download them & play videos, games or listen to music

Even they hold and distribute the digital likeness of us with camera (selfie) videos and voice recordings.

TIP: Marketers must be able to track the demographic spread of their consumers to successfully utilise mobile marketing.

Demographic & psychiatric indicators of the target market and an assessment of their web portal visitors can boost the marketing efforts of any brand.

The incessant use of smartphones often bordering towards very powerful compulsion are the best thing for marketers. A smartphone does not only connect us to the world continually but provides mobile marketers a way to reach their target groups persistently.

This makes smartphones extraordinary marketing devices to drive call-to-action. Mobile Marketing offers greater chances of success by being constantly with the target audience and providing the recipient with an option of reacting immediately or later at will.

Mobile Marketing is always more action-oriented compared to other forms of Web Marketing!

Mobile devices combine various technologies that close the gap between the actual world and the virtual world used for marketing. It’s a smart way of interaction between consumers and brands that make the interaction between the two easy and fast. It always removes the barriers that prevent people from responding to the marketing message and form by providing a strong call-to-action.

TIP: Mobile Marketing provides the following advantages to marketers.

Interactive Cost Effective
Immediate Scalable
Measurable Targeted
Effective Personal
Actionable Shareable
Repeatable Portable
Fun Flexible

Mobile marketing is thus, the most interactive & traceable mode of marketing that can stimulate strong urges to react positively to the call-to-action.

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