Is Mobile Marketing Right for Your Business?

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August 23, 2017
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Is Mobile Marketing Right for Your Business?

Marketing as a trend has evolved through the ages. From calls at the ancient bazaars to today’s app notifications, the world of marketing has been continuously evolving. These days most consumers, connected through the internet, begin their consumer journey through a mobile search on various search engines. This has elevated the significance of digital marketing, motivating majority of digital marketers to run campaigns for mobile users.

Is Mobile Marketing Right for Your Business?

According to a recent Reuters’ survey, nearly 50% of advertisers create ads on mobile devices, reflecting the increasing importance of smartphone-based advertising. Besides, more than 90% of Facebook users access the network through their mobile devices, and mobile advertising accounts for 84% of ad revenue for the social-media giant.

The numbers above define mobile marketing as a powerful tool, and it is.

But like all objects of power, in the wrong hands, it may do more damage to your business than achieve the desired outcome.

So, what makes a successful mobile marketing campaign? And is it relevant for you?

For a successful mobile marketing campaign, the Company needs to offer the right products or services for the targeted audience. Thus, a clear focus on the objectives, understanding the target audience and offering products and services that serve a distinct purpose are essential grounds to cover before embarking on a mobile marketing project.

Brand and budget

Talking about relevance, you know you need mobile marketing when you have clearly defined your target groups. For popular brands, the task is relatively easy. They generally tend to have objectives focused on brand management and enhancing brand loyalty. Mobile marketing is a very effective way to achieve both.

With a sturdy budget, brands can experiment using technology to reinvent their mobile marketing techniques. Larger brands further use this opportunity to invest in research that provide insights into consumer segments for their various products. This research and insight certainly helps in future marketing endeavours.

Case Study for Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing proves more valuable for events happening in real time, such as sports, operas, conferences, conventions, concerts and more. Interested marketers can reach target consumers exactly when the consumers have a desire to interact.

Moreover, this technology-based interaction can make running an event a smoother process. Apart from creating goodwill with attendees, it will enable organisers to develop marketing database of contact information to use in subsequent marketing efforts.

For instance, Hotstar successfully used this tactic for specific event like IPL, concerts and more. And PAYTM has increased number of users through this. Likewise, with ingenuity the concept may be applied to any event.

Is mobile marketing not relevant for you?

Mobile marketing is still in its nascent stages of development, which makes prediction of results difficult. Thus, any organisation with budget constraints, which cannot afford to test their campaigns and possibly fail should consider waiting until the channel is more solid and predictable.

Mobile marketing requires planning, strategies and monetary and human resources. And companies must be prepared for some hits and misses, because it would take couple of tries to get the things right.

Mobile Marketing & CTA

Call to action (CTA) is among the most important aspects of a successful mobile marketing campaign. As mobile devices derive direct responses CTA serves a very specific purpose towards it. CTAs may include sign up for alerts, placing call tab on your portal, requesting direction for a location and so on.

Moreover, CTA can highlight conversion events for your campaigns, viewers are more likely to convert when they come across some action that you provide or offer. Multiple conversions should be tracked with each initiative and each conversion has to be measured by monetry value to help you to determine the ROI for a particular campaign. Without CTA, gauging the success of your campaigns would be difficult.

Mobile Marketing is always exciting with innovative ideas, but your marketing efforts must create a value or ROI to be successful. Setting clear objectives and targets help in evaluating success of the campaigns.

So before turning your resources to mobile marketing, gain a proper understanding of its ecosystem for a successful mobile marketing journey ahead.

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