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Understanding the Search Engine Related Pages Layout

In Our Last Session I was speaking about the Search Engine Types of Queries & their Patterns now let move further by understanding (SERPS) Search Engine Related Pages.

In Search Marketing there are pages that Search Engines return to fill the Query, which we refer to (SERPS) Search Engine Related Pages. Each Search Engine shows results in different formats which includes the Vertical Search Results (Content Targeted Query)

Each Section of the SERPS represents a snippet of the information that are provided by Search Engines, Here we will show you the definitions of each piece are meant to provide:

Vertical Search

Each SERPS offers the option of Search Verticals like Images, News, and Videos, Maps, Social Updates & more. I.e. you can see the news section added by images or videos featuring related images

Horizontal Navigation

Search Engines also provides different types of navigation elements like the limitation of the date range of the content that are to be shown the Search Results

Search Query Box

All the Search Engines show the Query that is performed by the user, there are no engines where there Search Query Box not shown this will allow the user to edit the query entered by His/hers or even a new query from the results page

Beside the Search Box Search Engines always provides the links to the Advanced Search

Results or Meta Information

This Section provides an amount of the Meta Information about the results that are viewed by user along with an estimate number of pages that are relevant to the query

PPC Search Advertising

Companies and individuals purchase Ads from the Search Engines like Google, AOL, and Yahoo! Or Bing, which we can also tell as Microsoft adCenter

The purchased ads are ordered by the many factors like relevance CTR, Searched Query (Keywords) in the ad and relevant to the landing page also makes the factors in Engines and the amount spent on the Bid (Many Ads requires maximum Bid or even the keywords bid also does matter when compared to the competitors bids)

Organic/Natural Search Results

These results are shown from the Search engines that are primarily indexes of Web and are ranked according to the relevant & popularity according to the algorithms. This is the primary section where many search marketer’s focus on for their query results to be shown in the organic search results

Query Suggestions

            Search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo provide query Suggestions!  The aim of the Query Suggestions is to let the users search for more specific & relevant query.

Shopping Queries

            All Search engines are well versed with the Shopping Query results that incorporate offers from the brands/merchants to the search results so that the searcher who is looking for the purchase or information of the products to make them purchase can be done easily

Lets come again from the Sections of the Search Results

  • Vertical Search
  • Horizontal Navigation
  • Search Query Box
  • Results or Meta Information
  • PPC Search Advertising
  • Organic/Natural Search Results
  • Query Suggestions
  • Shopping Queries 

Tip: Be Careful as SERPS is always to keep changing, the Search Engines always test the new functions (weather, flight timings, site links, etc.) may be valid for a certain period

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