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Producing Promotional Videos ! What Kind of Videos you should produce?

In the last session I spoke about using YouTube for businesses. In this chapter, it is time to look into the specifications that you should focus on for promotional videos.

In most common cases, it has been seen that most of the videos you or your company produce doesn’t make it to the mark as far as promotion is concerned. If you focus on those videos produced to market a company, brand, product, services, information, entertainment and services, then before heading straight for promotion you need to make sure what type of videos work best to get your user attention eventually.

Producing Promotional Videos

There are lots of videos depending on the type of business being marketed. Essentially all YouTube users want to watch what the main offer of the video in concern is. It means the videos can be sort of academic, entertaining, how to ones, information related, brand endorsements and so on and so forth for otherwise none would bother watching it.

Promoting Informative Videos

The simplest way to create a YouTube video is infomercial, wherein the video provides useful information to the viewer. It can be anything from a new product being launched by a company, or perhaps celebrities talking about industry trends, or health promotion by known faces for societal improvement and much more.

To discuss this further, let’s consider certain instances. Say if yours is a healthcare portal, then you can produce informative videos providing information on health, diet and beauty related issues. In fact, you can also take on a more advanced approach by having few doctors’ talk about diseases, health precautions to be taken with changing seasons, or perhaps you could put forth a discussion on certain topics that will arouse the curiosity of your customers and ultimately result in more viewership for your videos.


Now let’s look into the company point of view. For example, if Expedia India produces a video on guided destinations, then it would do good by making it more relative to their industry or by having some customers talk about the travel trends for various seasons. Then there’s always the chance of using your favorite animations to create the trends that dominate your respective industry. On that note do check out.

Rajnee vs. Chuck Norris in Exepedia


The key agenda here is to provide the information for your present and future customers such that they actually find it useful. This will help in establishing authority of the channel; plus customers can view the video having the impression that it’s a useful pool of information provided by you.

You can remind you customers by letting them know who you are and provide means of contacting you, which means it should prove helpful to place the website address or contact details at the end of the video. You can also use the overlay option onscreen during the course of the video.

As earlier mentioned, you’ve got to understand that the key metric remains to provide useful information of practical value for viewers such that when they click through your site or channel for more information or purchase of a product for sales, then they get something that’s worth the effort. Speaking directly doesn’t help much as there should be informatics presented in the proper manner.

Promoting Educational Videos

Another way to approach the viewer is by educating them. Try showing them useful information of the products or services you sell through the video. It can be how to, or a layout guide that provides something of what a viewer wants.

The same method can be implemented in academic sectors also. As the key metric is to provide content but in a graphical manner that attracts the viewers, you can make a step-by-step guide or perhaps tutorials for your goods/services in video formats to draw larger audience.

Overall the videos you produce should be important enough to draw a number of viewers where everybody likes most of it.  Sometimes serious videos don’t become a hit as much as funny videos do. This is simply because of the fact that they’re on the lighter side. You could also do some strategic work by ensuring that the videos you work on are engaging enough.

Make your videos go viral just like it was in case of the Gangnam Style, Old Spice, Kolaveri Di, and likewise. Viral videos make people automatically share it with others as they find those most interesting.

TIP: Don’t be afraid to take the first step by making videos on a small budget as YouTube makes it easy to reap benefits once you post them online.

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