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Does Informative Videos Work?

Does Informative Videos Work?

Those days are gone when YouTube was the place where one hit of the viewer generated viral videos. If you are serious about your channel’s long term benefit, then you need to run through this!

Previously, we discussed about Customers’ Needs in YouTube Marketing, now let’s head to the informative videos bit. I will discuss it in detail.

Informative Videos are YouTube infomercials! The best useful information you provide for viewers, which solve their requirement or whatever they need to know. It can be done by selling your product, service or the brand beneath the surface.

Informative Videos Work

While focusing on the informative videos it’s the information you provide is that becomes the major key viewers are looking for, which will help them to perform a kind of task or make sort of decision. While mentioning it has to be relevant & useful for what they are doing and relevant to what you are offering.

It’s a random saying that the information placed on YouTube doesn’t attract many viewers. The information you provide and present will make a major impact to your customers who are looking for it, or else they will never seek out your brand, let alone view your video.

Always make sure that the information you provide is complete, accurate & unique while compared to the rest of the market industry.

  • Complete – You can’t expect customers to go around with half the knowledge or story. This can be highly dangerous. Do provide them the answers to their queries, and with the help of data & facts which would be more useful.
  • Accurate – If you are not accurate the viewers will abandon you your videos & your channels without mercy (which proves lethal for your business).
  • Unique – This should tell the users that the information you provide is not available elsewhere; or else you can’t hand the same old information as the viewer’s expect it in a new format. (In a simple manner you can explain why they should buy from you.)

Whatever you present it should be showcased in the best way possible. You have the opportunity to position Yourself, Company, Brand as an authority on a given topic. To get across your point, the videos should be authoritative. The information you present in the videos should not be presented elsewhere, or in a similar manner.

When you present the information it should help the viewers do something useful with it, so that they watch it and remember you afterwards. When you provide the accurate answer to people, it will automatically increase the loyalty. Viewers would often seek you out and even recommend others (They would be acting as your brand ambassadors) and that’s how you gain viewers and future customers.

The major key is to determine the type of information that you present, future potential customers should seek the information you provide in video format.

TIP: In a digital era you need to have a major focus on what exactly your customers want or what do they need to know from you and why?

Many people ask me they do/provide various types of video on their Channels, but which ones should they focus on?

There is no answer to this question. Of course various types of customers will know different types of products, channels, brands and more. For companies it’s a wide range of information you provide that makes your customers interested.

Let’s consider the following sample to state the information clearly. For instance, if your brand or channel is focusing on the product/service that is expensive, it’s up to you that the information should be conveyed about your service. There should be offers made to customers before they commit to a purchasing decision.

TIP: It’s more important to determine what you can do to help your customers to get more comfortable about purchasing the service/product you are selling. Providing the information to people in unique manner which is useful in video format makes things interesting.

Presenting the useless stuff will only leave people bored and you will lose instead of gaining.

Once again I would say that it’s all about the authority and the way you present the information. When customers require any information, all they want is to trust the information which is being provided.

They want the information to be accurate and trustworthy which solves their issue.

TIP: If the customer trusts the information which is presented by you about the product, company or brand, that sort of trust creates more loyalty customers.

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