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Informative Videos – What types would work?

Informative Videos – What types would work?

This is a follow up to my previous article Does Informative Videos Work?

Informative videos are an extremely effective way to showcase organizations, projects, services and products. But what exactly are informative videos? How can an organization, product, or service benefit from it?

Simply put, it’s a video, which contains relevant information. This could be news, facts about important topics, and likewise. More often an informative video is showcased in YouTube in the form of a newscast. There are reporters, spokespersons and many others presenting the news about a particular brand, company or others.

Additionally, an informative video can function as your video brochure, representing your organization, product or service. It gives out information about your brand, and this type of informative video is loaded with facts and figures.

Now, let’s explore various types of informative videos.


These types of videos resemble a news report, and a member of the crew speaks about the latest interest of your customers. It can be about the products, interviews, industry and even outside the box.

TIP: Nowadays even news channels make the most of YouTube in order to attain a greater viewer base in the long run.

The best of the news videos address various issues, rather than post self-promotional stuff about their own products & brand. This helps establish your company’s authority on various topics.

The key is to provide the information in a specific format which establishes you and your company as a kind of authority. So that when customers need any kind of assistance, they will always think of you.

In order to make this happen your videos should not only be full of news items, but also authoritative. If your brand is producing videos on a regular basis, then YouTube newscast would be a good idea. This is because more people visit this site.

Whatever it is you must create and stick to the schedule which makes people more curious. Sporadic uploads won’t attract regular viewer base which will not do you any good ultimately.


I would suggest another method of making informative videos. These are based on facts about the product. It could include reviews, prediction and more. This could be presented in the slide format or you can create a video based on presentation conference or webinars for that matter.

TIP: A better video should serve as a product guide, demo, or even a medium to provide a look about the product. It should spell out what the product concerned is, how it’s made and more.

In fact, informative videos based on facts should give viewers information that is needed in order to come to a purchasing decision. No hands on demonstration would be required in that case.  Check out the YouTube video catalog, which enlists all benefits that sound and pictures present.

For instance, if your brand is selling Sanitary Pads, then show how it is beneficial to use these pads. It’s not only about the pads, but also about the brand and how you represent it. If you do it in an authoritative format, then it will make the viewer base strong.


Brand informative videos are a huge trend in the video market. They use the video as a medium to deliver virtual test drives, tours about the interiors, product overviews, etc.

What I like most in the automakers is not only about the product, but also about its making. The brand reaches out to the consumer. They directly don’t speak about their product; rather it’s the video that talks about the brand.

Check out the video test drive from automakers.

However, you need to take a subtle approach towards the informative videos you produce. The idea is to present it in such a way that consumers are compelled to take the next step.

I would simply like to add that informative videos are less commercial & more infomercial. It’s the information that you present which makes the video useful and makes them crucial in order to attract more viewers.

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