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Key Challenges in Search Engine Optimization

There are lots of key challenges in the Online Industry which i will take you through it.



Search Engine Optimization can also offer a highly targeted audience. Visitors referred by natural search will visit your site only if they are looking for specific information on your products or related content.

Research Analysis continually indicates a large sum of users understand the difference between Paid & Organic Search Results and more of the likely clicks on Natural Search Results which are noted as Trustworthy

Users clicking through a website is also adds a greater trust that are being placed on the Organizations visible there.

The major benefit of SEO is cost-effective as there is no Payment to Search Engines for being placed in Organic Matter

Benefit of SEO is that it is relatively cost-effective since there is no payment to the search engines for being placed there.

The cost of Search Engine Optimization is merely fixed, independent of click volume, The CPC (Cost Per Click) from SEO declines through the time of initial Optimization costs and lowering the ongoing optimization cost.  PPC (Pay Per Click) / Paid Search is essentially variable cost.

There are no top line media costs involved with SEO, but resources are necessary (must) for the key phrase analysis that compete with the optimization web content


There are billions of pages being indexed by search engines & this doesn’t include the pages that are behind the protected walls like SSL, HTTPS, and more we can tell as shopping cart pages to exit pages can be included in it.

As a result, it means that ensuring visibility to USERS in SERPS (Search Engine Related Pages) is a bigger challenge.

SERP positioning is dependent on the changing algorithms that are not publicly available. Hence making pages visible requires specialist knowledge, monitoring & the ability to respond as the consequence changes, the other disadvantage of SEO is lack of control over the SERPS and many other sectors.

It’s highly impossible to predict & guarantee the positions & clicks that you will be getting from SEO, because the impact on future changes to the algorithm is always mysterious. This can replicate to the competitor activities as we don’t know what search activity will be doing in future.

In Competitive Sectors its difficult to get listed in few results for highly competitive phrases, when its comes to PPC this can be achieved although it can be expensive in some competitive sectors.

The ROI or returns compared to Paid Search, Traditional Advertising, Direct Mail accurate estimates are possible, however estimates of Long Term returns from SEO can be made.


Technical Support also has an impact on the SEO capabilities. A recurring issue in companies is not having the proper IT Resources, Knowledge or Technology availability implemented to the changes of Site Structure & Content Markup for Search Engine Optimization.

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