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Search Engines Really Cannot See What is it?

Search Engines can detect that displaying of an image as they have a idea what the image is about, expect for the information which provided in ALT Attribute. Search Engines can only recognize the basic types of information within the images like Face, or if the image has pornographic content (flesh tone in image). It cant tell whether the image is a picture of Man, Object like boat, house etc..Search Engines Really Cannot See

Clearly to inform that search engines are always experimenting the methods to use the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to extract the text from the images but this technology is not in general use within the search.

In addition to this search engines cannot read Flash Files but they have been extracting some information from flash. However its not easy to search engines to determine what is in Flash as when search engines look into flash they are always looking for textual content; however there is a positive side for a designer to implement text inside flash so that search engines can fetch them easily. All the Semantic elements would be present in the HTML text like Tags, Bold Text, Headers, etc.…

If a designer or a client has inserted pictorial aspects in the Flash, search engines also cannot see them that contain inside it as the textual information that SE can read is lost

Adding to the further level Audio & Video files are not so easy to be read by search engines. Where are there are few methods where search engines can extract the data like ID3 Tags within MP3, or podcast in AAC format with textual shows the notes of the audio and chapter marks embedded.  Search Engines also can’t read the content that is embedded within a program, as the search needs to find the text that is readable to human eyes as looking at the source code of a webpage is outlines.

Search engines doesn’t help if you want to see when the browser loads a webpage as it has to be visible & readable in the source code of a page

The other good example is a technology that can present the Human Readable content that Search Engines can look is AJAX.  (AJAX an acronym for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) is a group of interrelated web development techniques used on the client-side to create asynchronous web applications.) This is often used in tools where a visitor to a site could provide some input and renders correct content.

There are similar problems arise with forms of JavaScript that don’t render the content in HTML when the user action is taken.  As HTML 5 is known as embed tag <embed> was created to allow the integrating the plugins into HTML of a webpage.  The <embed> tag is used to incorporate movies, audio files, address files in a webpage.

Frames and iframes are methods integrating the content, videos from other page, site to your webpage; iframes are more commonly used than frames to incorporate content from one to other site.

Iframes can be simply executed with a code that is mentioned below

<iframe src=”” width=”49%” height=”300″> <p>Your browser does not support iframes.</p> </iframe>

TIP: Search Engines can recognize a frame/ iframe that is sued to pull other site content and therefore ignore the context inside it as the context is publicized by other site and they don’t consider content that is been pulled from other site as part of unique content our your page.


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