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YouTube Launches Creator Playbook Guides v4

YouTube has recently has updated their Playbook Guides – for education, media companies, music, nonprofits, and sports. This is the upgraded from Version 3. Although there is a lots of difference between each Industry of Education, Media Companies, Music, Non-Profits & Sports.

YouTube Creator Playbook

Is YouTube has the plans to release other Industry Playbook Guides?

There are more than 5 Categories of Video Content in YouTube which the YouTube Channels have not been addressed. YouTube has Original Channels in FranceGermanythe UK, and Japan.

YouTube Playbook Guides are now available in the following:

  • Playbook Guide for Music | Download PDF
  • Playbook Guide for Sports | Download PDF
  • Playbook Guide for Education | Download PDF
  • Playbook Guide for Media Companies | Download PDF
  • Playbook Guide to Nonprofits | Download PDF

If you are looking for the Version 3 Download Here

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