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Google Zebra On The Loose Online Merchants Beware!

After Google Panda & Penguin Update now its time to turn the cycle towards the Online merchants across the nations, With many changes going on over search engines its always the best practice to follow the Guidelines.

Sooner or Later many Major Brands who are into Online Merchants Store may have a HIT on their portal who are experiencing the low quality merchants in the search results where as the quality of merchants and their experience quality (Search Engine Guidelines) also does matter for all

Google will not disclose how they will detect the Bad Merchants versus the Good Merchants I have a similar thought that who and what they will mainly target the Online Merchant.

Google Zebra On The Loose Online Merchants Beware!

Google Zebra On The Loose Online Merchants Beware!

Lets have a peep that you need to avoid as the merchant store.

Online Merchant Reviews

Search Engines uses merchant reviews to filter the good vs. the bad. To get to the reviews search engines will have to look at the reviews online and come to a result of the Company/Brand stating whether is it a good or bad merchant. These ratings would be based on the reviews collected by the product search, people rating it from different sources.

It would be good if you act together and solve the bad reviews of your Brand merchant store. If not get ready to face a major slap!

Search Quality Guidelines

There are number of guidelines while coming to the product based search which was updated in November 2012. The guidelines will give you a hint what it would be for a good Quality Merchant.

  • A view of your shopping should be always on the same page/site.
    • Taking to different site is not advisable
  • While updating the products to the cart the shopping cart should show the same
  • Physical Location with return policy is a must.
  • Calculations like Shipping, Tax is must
  • Shopping Cart should contain postpone a product for later purchase
  • Method to track the shipments of the product
  • User Registry is must
  • Query where the user can mention his grievance about the product delay or the experience

It is always a Good Idea to follow the above-mentioned ideas for Quality Guidelines.

Shopping’s Stores Program

There are many Trusted Shopping Stores available for those who want their product available for sale (may be it’s a comparison site) sites like Google Store, PriceGrabber, Ciao must meet certain criteria having certain amount of transactions happening while providing the customer support.

I would not recommend the same for the smaller merchants who just want conversion rather then the brand loyalty and more.  (Which is their main objective)

Merchant Physical Location

It can be any Online Merchants who are selling their product it is always important to have a Physical Location. Many consumers trust the business with online store that has physical location there they can address their complaints/visit the place if any urgency.

Having a Physical Location will be a additional points for Search Engines.

TIP: The above mentioned tips will help you improve your website and make a online buying experience to consumers.

Online Merchants Stores who are focusing on short-term goals should now focus on the longer terms, which will help you to scale better ways in the Digital Industry. Just having a Online Merchant Portal is just not enough it requires more than that like Customer Interaction, Brand Loyalty, Support to share User Experiences, Testimonials where User can share (other than reviews), Reviews can also be faked but the testimonials makes much more than that.

What are you thoughts on the Online Merchants risks? Are there any bad decisions you’ve made in past? Share your experiences…

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