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Measuring Quality Content & UE User Engagement

What is measurement Quality Content? How can you measure the content that is been already created? How to measure the user engagement over the content that is provided by you/client?

This type of questions rise always by corporates and Individual Digital Marketers, which I am going to show the quality measurement for the Website Content

Measuring Quality Content & UE User Engagement

The Search Engines always makes an attempt to measure the Content & its uniqueness for the Website. The simple method is evaluating the document, which is being used by you!

E.G.  If a page has a grammatical mistakes and errors that can be indicated as minor editorial effort that was put into the page by the Content Team

The simple method, which you can use, is Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level Formula in which it can be considered the average word length and the number of words used in a sentence to understand it. If a Website, which is selling TOYS but the reading Level of Content is calculated, suggests a senior grade level indicates a poor editorial effort.

For that there could be various reasons the team, which has written content might have focused on the High Level Source that might not be understandable to parenthood.

The other method that search engines use to evaluate the quality page is by measuring the user interaction. If a website has large number of users who click and visit the page return to the search engine to click the next result indicates the poor quality.

There might be even the technical failures for the user to move on the next results! This happens only on major crisis if the visitor is moving ahead then the user interaction will go down along with the search results also drops as the measurement of the quality content and user interaction is not up to the mark

I would always suggest the engagement levels which is a other ranking factor for a website as search engines have access to larger number of data sources so that it can use the same to measure how users/visitors interacting with your website content

Some of them include:

  • Interaction with search results
  • Google Analytics
  • Time of site
  • Bounce Rate
  • Page views per visitor
  • Google +1 Button

Its mostly matters that how our site content functions while comparing to competitors. If our site has good engagement metrics there is always an indication of quality and potentially boosting the rankings with respect of competitors.

TIP: While measuring the quality content always make sure about the focus keywords and the content written accordingly, instead of spinning them will yield in greater loss for you and your brands in longer run

Have you experienced this kind of experiments or success stories kindly share with us! 

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