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The rise of social media over the WEB has always created the signals in Search Engines to consider like showing the Pinterest results in Bing search results Facebook & Twitter Search Results in Google.

Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Tumblr, and Pinterest have exposed the new routes for the users to share the content and the value indication of it. Like Facebook users can also post the content they like in their newsfeed, share with their circles. They can valuate the content by using the like button

Google Plus Social Media Signals Google + & Twitter offers the various methods of sharing the content. Google using the +1 operates in a manner like Facebook Button where as the other metrics like using the #hashtags in Google +1 is a value added advantage. All of this social behavior can be measured similar to links, content that has been shared more times or has many +1 or likes creates more value for User & Search Engines.

The recent development in Google Plus have been increased the interaction of the user in participation of Google+. The other important factor is the Author Authority or the Source influence has to be considered. If a leading experts share the content it is considered as strong feel where as content shared by less known person

Twitter Social Media Signals Using Twitter as an other great example Search Engines determine the people level of influence by looking at the active number of followers and the how many people they themselves follow.  If  (Brad Pitt) follows a common person it would create a more value for the person that celebrity has followed whereas thousands of followers having less following themselves

Search Engines consider the person expertise, are of influence like if Brad Pitt can be influenced in many topics but his opinion /advice on the programming language would not be considered

Even though Google displays their Google + search data to understand the customization of the data around you not only that Google also looks at the connection you have with like your Circles, Contact Address Book and much more.

Pinterest Social Media Signals Pinterest has valuable date over the user interaction in the boards created by him or following the other user boards based by interest and much more. Having the Pinterest strategy in the social media is important in longer run. Pinterest having their own Analytics for the verified user adds additional value for the social media signals

TIP: Social Signals are important in Value creation and presentation we will cover the matter of freshness in our next session

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