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Eye Tracking The Touch Points of Website

There are many research firms that conduct Heat Map testing with Search Engine Users, which produce the results about what look & focus when engaging in Search Activity.

There is a particular study which illustrates how lesser attention us paid to results on the lower Pages versus for those on the Higher Positions also how users eyes draw n to Bolded Keywords, Titles, & Description in the organic results of Search Engines versus the Paid Search Listing that receive little attention.


When looking at the Standard Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS) we as users are intend to create F-Shaped Pattern  with the eye movements, focusing on 1st and last left hand corner of the screen, moving down through the results the same pattern will slows down

What I meant to say when we are creating the F-Shaped Pattern for the search engines it is easier to follow the same method for the Website, which we handle it may be the clients or the Websites, which we handle. The Search Engine Optimization plays major role along with the UX Design & Development of the website to catch & implement a Touch Points for a User

Users Eyes or the movements tend to create a shorter path to the sides with the image rather than left corner text as their anchor.

While coming to point a Heat Map is graphical Representation of a data points for a Website or Search Engines in a simpler matter I can say that its an easy way to understand what users do on your website.

In Heat Maps there are various types like

  • Scroll Heat maps
  • Click Heat maps
  • Mouse Move Heat maps
  • Live Click Heat maps

Lets look at Tools for Heat Maps

  • Codynamix Open Source Free Heat map Tool
  • Click Heat
  • Click Tale
  • Crazy Egg
  • Click Density

TIP: As Search evolves search patterns also do change there will be more space for pages to be focused & more ways to access Search Listings. Search Marketers need to get ready any type of changes that happens in Digital Industry

As of now I feel there is no Heat Maps for the Mobile or Tablet Based Industry where it helps you to understand the website consumer content on your web pages. And the attention captured or how they look around & the influence of the site Navigation and more.

But there are solutions to track the visitor or the User Behavior in mobile is via Analytics, which provides you in depth data about their engagement and their time on the website. This helps you to understand the user patterns on mobile that is similar to the Heat Maps & move ahead through your brand.

What else did I miss? Do share your views here.

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