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Bing Webmaster Guidelines & Webinars

Bing has started the Webmaster Guidelines & Webinars recently to follow the best Practices in the Digital Marketing. These guidelines can be found in the Help section of Bing Webmaster, under the Content Guidelines section.

Bing Webmaster is providing the Webinars on

  • SEO
  • Social Media
  • Content Authority
  • Links
  • Things to Avoid

They have announced the Agenda for Bing Webmaster Webinars which will be starting from this month onwards. There will be six Webinars on different topics during November, December, January and February. These webinars are free, and will be recorded for future viewing as well.

Here is the list of Topics and their Dates on Bing Webmaster Webinars

  • SEO 101 – November 28 @ 12 Noon EST
  • Crawling Basics – December 11 @ 12 Noon EST
  • WMT Overview – January 10 @ 12 Noon EST
  • Authority Building – January 24 @ 12 Noon EST
  • Search / Social Overlap – February 7 @ 12 Noon EST
  • Tomorrow’s SEO – February 21 @ 12 Noon EST

InCase if you miss anyone of the sessions of the webinars it would be available in the Bing Webmaster Blog to watch. Check the below mentioned link for the Bing Webmaster Webinar for Registration

Bing Webmaster Tools Educational Webinar

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