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Affair Of a Bounce Rate

I would tell that Bounce Rate is the Sexiest Part in Web Analytics, which I found till now while measuring the Bounce Rate for various reasons

Bounce Rate is a metric which available in most of the Analytical Tools. In Tools like Omniture its not available but you can easily compute it. I would say that its really hard to understand that what the Bounce Rate measures. It is an action taken in multiple levels while identifying the low hanging pages/other stuff.

Bounce Rate also helps in customer behavior I would say that its is the Holy Goals in the Analytical Industry

The Bounce Rate metric shows a fantastic report because the web is dominated by Search Engines, Social Networks not to forget that your Home Page of your website is also considered a part of Bounce Rate

The Bounce rate metric also produces a lovely report because the world is dominated by search engines, and those search engines, not you, determine the home page of your website.

Here are the Few Tips for the people who love to have affair with the Bounce Rate

  • Measure the Bounce Rate for your website Top Referrals. They will tell you the True methods of your BFF, they just send the traffic but they send you the traffic that bounce are less
  • Measure the Bounce Rate for the Search Keywords of Paid & Organic. If you are optimized for the wrong ones or the Landing Pages is higher it is the way to fix them
  • While looking at the Bounce your Home Page will be the Highest on the list as it is always common for visitors to arrive on the website & move on if they are not able to find what they are looking for
  • I don’t assume the bounce rate as a failure as it helps a lot from it. If a page is having the Contact Number then the page visit may be need to connect to the Goal
  • For website which is ecommerce or the store which is on the Micro Site that the primary will be your main website, them the bounce rates will deliver the faulty info as you might looking for the wrong pages
  • In store based websites analytics programs records a exit which we call as the Exit Rate (which we will be discussing the Next Topic) that means store purchase will have a like bounce rate!

I always find the Bounce Rates are the most useful web analytics metrics combined along with the page views that helps to identify the best & worst performing keywords along with the referrers which makes a entry pages for the website.

Bounce Rate Metrics

TIP: For example if the average bounce rate is X percent the bounce rate from the Search Engines should be lesser than the X %.

This information will tell you the audiences on your website is serving the best or the which is disappointed by the services you provide this will help you to provide the ideas for the new landing pages or Keyword Research for your choices.

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