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Goals of Search Marketing Queries

As we have mentioned in our previous edition about the Goals Search Marketing and their queries used as Human Goals of Searching Queries.

Today we will get in detail about the queries of the user pattern that is a challenge for both Marketers & Search Engines. The common goal of SEO Practitioners, Web Masters, Experts of the Digital Marketing and Search Engines are providing the relevant result to their Queries, Hence it’s an important step to build an Online Marketing Strategy around the Search Engine Optimization & Search Rankings is the main aim to understand your Targeting Audience

Lets have a look at the Types of Queries & their patterns

Navigational Queries

Navigational Search Queries are performed with the intent of surfing directly to a specific website. In some cases, the user may not know the exact URL, and the search engine serves as the “White Pages.”

Informational Queries

Informational Search involves a wide range of queries like – Weather, Directions, Maps, and Location Results, These Search are mostly are Non Transaction based as they can include Research based Information about a Product, Survey, Service. The Information is the Primary Goal for Informational Queries and no interaction can be expected beyond clicking and reading is required.

However we can tell the engagement can be included in the form of Comments, Tips, and much more source based which makes the topic interesting to the user based.

Transactional Queries

Transaction Search Queries doesn’t need an involvement of Amount Transfer like Credit Cared, Wire Transfer, and more we can tell creating a account, paying the tickets or finding the local information like restaurants, Movie Halls, Offers are considered as transactional queries

Adaptive Search

Normally this will be different from the other Queries as this depends of the results that wouldn’t on the location based. I.e. if a user does a search on resorts its not necessary the results should show as Resorts in Mumbai as the preceding query was for Mumbai, some places results for Resorts in Mumbai will be included. Keeping the track of user & previous search queries & considering them the results return for a new query, which is known as Adaptive Search, which is to help the Search Engines to get the sense of the User Intent Search Behavior

Its very useful as it helps the types of Sequence of Search the users can go through for Information

TIP: When building Keyword Research for your own Websites or Clients, it has to be the valuable information which determine the intent of each of you Primary Keywords

Our Next topic will be How Users Scan Results Pages by Eye Tracking or in other ways in a simple terms heat-map testing with search engine users.

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