Define your SEO Objective and Website Audience

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Define your SEO Objective and Website Audience

Define your SEO Objective and Website Audience

Once neglected by the website developers, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or Digital Marketing now is a mainstream activity. This development has been brought about by certain emerging trends.

Search engines are known to enable the drive of the major focused traffic on research and goals for a portal. Through this the portals earn good revenue what with leveraging the quality of traffic for sales, acquisition, brand awareness, promotional campaigns, etc. Social media also helps.

While the visibility in search engines makes an endorsement actually effective of sorts; on the other hand, users or audiences associate the quality, relevance and trustworthiness of the respective web portals as well when it comes to actual visibility for their search queries.

Define your SEO Objective

The growth of both online and offline interactions necessitates a rigorous organization strategy. The essential idea is to make prospective customers turn to the web world before anything else. With this increasing, simultaneously purchases in many verticals like Pharma, eCommerce, real estate, automobile, technology, etc are taking a leap as well. No organization or business can afford to ignore their customer’s needs, especially the queries coming up through search engines.

SEO/ Search Engine Optimization/ Digital Marketing is a “technical practice”. Simply put, it is a marketing strategy that has to be treated cautiously always. SEO practitioners should understand the company services, strategy, branding, business goals, and other related components be it online or offline.

The idea is to set specific goals and objectives with regards to the marketing function. If a goal isn’t measurable, then I would say it’s not useful enough because objectives go on to determine how much money is worth your Search Engine Optimization effort. Many people opine that SEO is just a project, but I choose to look into the different approaches in it. Investment of time and effort here, in my opinion is not just a project, rather it’s a process that requires commitment from both ends.

Looking at Search Engine Optimization is something on the lines of PPC (Pay Per Click) which would be comparable to a healthy diet. When your diet isn’t healthy anymore, it can turn one overweight, as opposed to eating healthy diet. This is a lifestyle choice of yours! Too unhealthy? Then choose a lighter diet.

Similarly, PPC is expensive? Then pause the campaigns that have consumed more money and effort and focus on the SEO bit. This strategy works for SEO is the path to success for those who view your marketing strategy as a lifestyle choice. The results don’t appear instantly (based on your goals and objectives), but with SEO/Digital Marketing you will be rewarded more in the long run.

TIP: SEO is not a path for all businesses. You need to look into the overall goals, objectives and business strategy of the company and then decide.

The next session will be on Branding, Traffic Analysis and ROI.

Now, what information would you like to get based on your industry requirements? Is there any specific question regarding the problems you are facing?

Do mention them in the comments section, which will be addressed in the next session so that you can gain knowledge and take your business to greater heights.

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