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Strategic Goals for Digital Marketing

Strategic Goals for Digital Marketing!

Maintaining your business in the domain of online technology is good, but creating strategic goals for the same is more exciting as it is new, stimulating and creates a new face within the organization. This includes the launch of digital marketing campaigns to establish these goals.

Strategic Goals for Digital Marketing

The goals for any digital marketing campaign should be specific and I am going to discuss the 3 basic ones to be considered in this domain.

3 Basic Digital Marketing Goals – Branding/Visibility, Traffic, ROI


Most businesses/clients go on to assure that being on top in search engines is great and that is all for good business. In reality, this is a myth.  All companies/individuals cannot rank on top in the search engines simultaneously even if they were the best in the field, can they?

If you are a digital marketing practitioner/search user, then you should understand the preceding statement for what it actually means. Fact remains, many companies and businesses rank high in searches because of brand endorsement.

Therefore, the digital marketing practitioner should always consider ways to improve the brand he/she is working on. For few businesses and companies, it will prove to be a great help in their effort towards boosting their rankings. It is simply because most people know SEO. Then again the most important inbound links for the portal you are working on is the company name as anchor text, plus a few links will be given to other websites.

For example, if you are selling baby toys, you would want to rank higher through the search term baby toys. When users see that you are gaining a higher position in search engines for that particular term, then they will assume that yours is one of the best places to purchase baby toys.

SEO/Digital Marketing for branding and visibility is about ranking for “generic terms” that relate to you business and web portal.


It is no longer the days of building your portal to generate flow of traffic. Today’s digital industry is highly competitive and you need the best digital & SEO strategy to get quality and targeted traffic to your portal.

Any business must engage with their customers through online/offline channels by informing the customers to visit the portal of their industry. Here the digital marketer fulfills a critical role, which is to get new prospects of the web portal from the audience.

Digital marketers/search engine experts know what users search for, be it products, services or information using a variety of search queries.  Users/customers may not know that a company specializes in these products until they conduct that search. Many users might not remember or know what to seek when they come directly to the company portal for that matter.

Actually capturing traffic data should provide businesses with good sales clubs. Knowing that digital marketing process also helps work on site architectural strategy, link building and social media thus helping the portal to achieve SERPS for the queries.

Capturing that traffic would provide the company with incremental sales of its golf clubs that it probably would not have gotten otherwise. Understand that the SEO process works on a site architecture strategy and a link-building strategy to help the site’s pages achieve competitive search engine rankings for these types of terms.

ROI/ Return on Investment

Improving visibility and driving traffic are great, but the most important goal is to achieve the best for your organization. For most organizations it means generating sales, leads, or advertising revenue.

ROI/ Return on Investment is what every business/client wants from digital marketing.  SEO/digital marketing can be the best driver for online traffic and business revenue by making the effort of optimizing your brand. Do add a measurable system to track your ROI from it.


  • Define what success is
  • Put a value on consumer attention
  • ROI cannot be measured in any one way
  • Path of Evolution

TIP: Establishing goals should be the first step in any marketing plan, digital or otherwise. What do you want to achieve out of your marketing efforts? Once you have your goals set, put a plan in place, assess as you go, and make any changes necessary to ultimately achieve your goals.


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