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Recovery Tips for Google Exact Match Domain (EMD) Penalty

Google Exact Match Domain (EMD) Penalty is affecting low quality sites and low quality EMDs are pushed to 20th or near ranks. Google announced a exact match domain update that removed the chances of a low-quality exact match domain from ranking well in Google.

Many Webmasters who are into micro niche blogging, for them exact match domain penalty seems like one of the worse update.

But over the weekend, many non-exact match domain site owners noticed their rankings dropped as well. What was it?

What is Exact Match Domain?

Keyword in our domain name gives us extra SEO advantage and that’s why people prefer to use Keywords while purchasing the Domains. Using Domains like web development(location) , computersalesonline etc..are considered as EMD (Match Domain Names).

In other means Exact Match Domains mean domains that match exactly for the search query.

Here is the Video in which Matt Cutts explains The Power of Keyword Domains

There is a similar ways to recover from the Google Exact Match Domain (EMD) Penalty

I would recommend to check the Panda Recovery Guide from the Webmasters

  • Have a look at your Website content, Remove the Low Quality Content or Add the non-index meta robots tag, or moving it to a sub-domain
  • Have a look at your Home Page and other major pages  of your Website If its over Optimized UNDO the Process for the same
  • Always add unique content for your website
  • Look at the Higher Bounce Rates, Try to increase the engagement on these pages or provide a value to the users who lands on those pages to increase the AVG Visits on the site
  • Have a Brand of our own engage with your customers & experts in your industry get a Good referral traffic from the Quality Based website nor the Quantity ones
  • Have good Social Presence Lets people talk about you and mentioned your Channels on your Website
  • If certain things are out control try to do 301 Redirect if the content left over on your website.
  • Start a supporting Blog for your Service or a Product
  • A “penalty” occurs when a website is found to be utilizing practices which fall outside Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. 

Have you been affected by the EMD Google update? What are your thoughts on the subject? Lets discuss below…

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I am facing an EMD Penalty after Fred update.

I’m thinking of 301 redirect. Is that effective now?

June 13, 2017

Clara Yes 301 Works better you need to do Analysis for the site & check for EMD Penalties

June 14, 2017

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