Why do you need to Optimize for Voice Search?

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Why do you need to Optimize for Voice Search?

It’s no secret that smartphones and other handheld devices for online searches have made a noticeable difference. This can shift another way of searching-using the voice rather than text. The support of AI technology, such as common Smart, supported voice search such as Siri, Alexa & Smart Assistant

AI is available not only via smartphones but also via home virtual devices. There are devices that offer instant details on everything from the nearest malls to flight details. You should optimize your search if this is the best way to find yourself in the future of digital marketing

Transformation in Devices

Study shows that more people use their search smartphones and spend more time on mobile websites, as well. 2016-17 mobile traffic rose 57% to 63% whereas the bounce rate dropped to 52% to 47%. This indicates the trend in the increase in a device as well as engagement

Positions Count

In case of Google Voice Search, the query provided is from one source the top-ranking pages & location based on the user preferences. Coveted spots are taken from the content is above the top ranking. Snippets dominate voice search & renders faster on the based response, Bcoz the other rankings are no longer visible, a single verbal answer given by AI search. It means SEO Strategy will have to be optimized for your snippets

Query Changes

Users tend to go for the short and sweet versions when they type when speaking a query, user ask the entire question which means search from nearest hotels “hotels Mumbai” to “Google Where can I get the Best Vada Pav in Mumbai

Query Patterns changes from the words which are ordered to grammatical sentences. By this method, Content creators should stick to language and flow their blogs easier. It also suggests that the future contains longer tail keywords that integrate dialogue. Content can include frequent requests for voice searches on the user’s journey

Geo Implications

As voice queries is integrated to Maps there are real-time opportunities for local business. Keeping the user’s location, queries will be answered which makes more important for a business to ensure that they incorporate location in content. Keeping in mind GMB (Google My Business) always meet the popularity of voice searches. it’s necessary to claim your business listing.

Artificial Intelligence & Voice Search are the future & It’s important for a business to capture the buyers & searchers need to adapt SEO Efforts to include Voice Search

Voice Search continued to grow in 2020, But not the way you might think

Each sign indicates voice continues to grow across devices and digital assistants

As these trends continue to grow in voice, the user situation and context drives the usage of voice growth among the demographics & brands should go for investing in their voice strategies

Optimizing voice content is something that brands should have on their digital roadmap, but how should brands take voice into account in their digital strategies.

Consider to target your audience and work with Marketing & Dev team to respond to user expectation and concerns

  • Build more explicit and implicit data protection features.
  • Enhance AI Capabilities mitigate uncertainty around voice-driven purchases that are Less contextual and unique in nature.
  • Working on “Humanizing” characteristics and voice personalization interaction with improved natural language and focus on a variety of ‘assistant’ personalities and voice short-cuts to enhance speech time savings.

Demand for voice search is growing

  • Voice Search is growing fast on yearly bases and it’s popular across age groups
  • Present Voice Search is not restricted to basic tasks like browsing, Q&A, Chats, or placing a call
  • Shopping, Mail Management, Tasks, and other activities are supported as well and more included on a daily basis

How to optimize your voice search?

  • Write Content in Natural, conversational tone
  • Concentrate on fewer keywords
  • Semantic Search is important
  • User Intent should be more
  • Give a reply in a context
  • Include longer keyword phrase to consumers
  • Be concise if possible
  • Work on SPEAKABLE PROPERTY in Schema.org

Interested to optimize your brand for Voice Search! Connect with us.

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