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Deadly Sins on Digital Marketing

Getting started in Internet marketing has been made easier with today’s current technology.

So, take a minute to make sure you’re not committing any of these deadly sins in Digital Marketing

  1. Not getting your Website built & updating them on time wise
  2. Not Tracking your Online Advertising
  3. Failing to get the Visibility & the Traffic for the website
  4. Failing to track the results
  5. Not locally targeting your online marketing.
  6. Not Claiming Your Local Place Page
  7. Failing to Optimize Your Landing Page for Conversions
  8. Bad Customer Service or Support
  9. Missing Your Online Reputation Go Unchecked
  10. Not keeping your Growth of your Social Network
  11. Black Hat Methods / Slamming of Penguin
  12. Not Providing the Push Buttons
  13. Not Providing Proper Publicity

Now lets look at the Deadly Sins of Social Media Marketing

    1. Setting up a business Social Media page as a Friend page
    2. Uncompleted Social Media Profiles
    3. Self Promotion on the Social Media Platforms
    4. Not providing your audience the reason to share the links
    5. Not listening to customers what they say about you
    6. Not taking the Advantage of the Social Events

Do you have any to add to this list? Share your thoughts in a comment!

Shankar is a Digital Marketing Strategist & Consultant who is passionate about helping online  businesses and professionals succeed online.

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