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Using YouTube for Your Business! Nowadays there are videos available everywhere. Apart from content, videos are now becoming all the more prominent in the digital marketing world. Yes, videos are the right way to promote your business of late. Be it industry or any other sector for that matter, videos cater to all. There could […]
Producing Promotional Videos ! What Kind of Videos you should produce? In the last session I spoke about using YouTube for businesses. In this chapter, it is time to look into the specifications that you should focus on for promotional videos. In most common cases, it has been seen that most of the videos you […]
Understanding the Search Engine Related Pages Layout In Our Last Session I was speaking about the Search Engine Types of Queries & their Patterns now let move further by understanding (SERPS) Search Engine Related Pages. In Search Marketing there are pages that Search Engines return to fill the Query, which we refer to (SERPS) Search Engine Related […]
Is Mobile Marketing Right for Your Business? Marketing as a trend has evolved through the ages. From calls at the ancient bazaars to today’s app notifications, the world of marketing has been continuously evolving. These days most consumers, connected through the internet, begin their consumer journey through a mobile search on various search engines. This […]

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