Your Customers’ Needs in YouTube Marketing

Your Customers’ Needs in YouTube Marketing In our last session I spoke about the YouTube Marketing Strategy and how to go about it. Today I shall take you to the next level of YouTube marketing based on your customer needs. Recently Google announced that YouTube Video site receives 40% of its website revenue from mobile….


The Art of Redirecting & Rewriting in .Htaccess

The Art of Redirecting & Rewriting in .Htaccess Redirecting can be done in many ways in Web side as well as server side. It is easily to implement the redirects in a simple manner which we call as .htaccess it can be used the Redirect & the Redirect Match directives. There are many tools which…


The Hidden Truth in Educational Video Mechanism

The Great truth of How educational video works and all the small secrets behind the huge success of the Genre  is here today. Well lets start from the big names that we know  in the market. Youtube, now Youtube is very popular in the segment of informatics or educational video field, but to push it…


Auditing an Existing Site Elements [Presentation]

Getting an audit for an existing portal is an important task for digital marketing professionals encounter. Are you ready for a website audit. But what exactly is a website audit? And how can a website audit help you achieve your goals? Case studies are a great way to showcase the work of a professional website auditor….

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