Auditing an Existing Site Elements [Presentation]

Getting an audit for an existing portal is an important task for digital marketing professionals encounter. Are you ready for a website audit. But what exactly is a website audit? And how can a website audit help you achieve your goals? Case studies are a great way to showcase the work of a professional website auditor….


Informative Videos – What types would work?

Informative Videos – What types would work? This is a follow up to my previous article Does Informative Videos Work? Informative videos are an extremely effective way to showcase organizations, projects, services and products. But what exactly are informative videos? How can an organization, product, or service benefit from it? Simply put, it’s a video, which…


Does Informative Videos Work?

Does Informative Videos Work? Those days are gone when YouTube was the place where one hit of the viewer generated viral videos. If you are serious about your channel’s long term benefit, then you need to run through this! Previously, we discussed about Customers’ Needs in YouTube Marketing, now let’s head to the informative videos…


Digital Marketing Stages for Obtaining Results PII

Digital Marketing Stages for Obtaining Results PII In the previous part, I have spoken about digital marketing stages for obtaining results (Ref. Part 1). Let’s now proceed to further stages for the digital marketing endeavor. Before starting any digital marketing project you need to know about 2 things: Who is your Target Audience? What is…

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